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Owners Unite! Shorebreeze.com wants Jersey Shore property owners to be informed about issues affecting your valuable investment at the shore. Whether you are a year-round resident, non-resident owner, investment property owner commercial property owner, you can benefit from getting informed and involved. You pay taxes here, so we encourage you to take an active role with your local taxpayer group or advocacy organization.

Here are links to Jersey Shore resort community taxpayer associations and other taxpayer advocacy groups:

Liberty and Prosperity 1776, Inc. - A non-profit citizens organization dedicated to teaching the importance and relevence of our state motto and the skills and information needed by effective citizens of a free republic.

SICTA - Sea Isle City Taxpayers Association.

We expect to add more communiny organizations to this list in spring 2004.

Do you represent a Jersey Shore resort community taxpayer association and would like to be represented here? We're offering your group the ability to have your newsletter online, as well as membership information and contact numbers posted on our site, to help you increase participation in your organization. As a service to you and your members, we're offering this service free of charge. If you'd like to participate, please contact us at (800) 305-3777, or e-mail us at services@shorebreeze.com with your name, organization name and phone number.


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