Advertise With - Option Two

Hyper-link directly to your web site from a business listing page for only $25 per town per year. (Listing includes business name, address, phone number and other contact details you feel appropriate such as contact person, e-mail address, toll free number, and fax number )


  • site visitors will easily find your business listing in the appropriate category (e.g., restaurant, hotel, etc.) listed in the town where you do business AND they can easily go directly from to YOUR website with one click.
  • You can include more detailed information in the Hyper-link listing than with the Basic listing such as a contact person, toll free number, fax number, and e-mail address.
  • A Hyper-link listings stand out more than the Basic listing because of the blue color used for the link and because there is more detailed information about your business.
  • Save time and money by allowing your potential customers go directly to your website to get answers to frequently asked questions or to make a reservation with you.
  • You can sign up for as many towns as are appropriate to your business.
  • You'd be hard pressed to find another advertising medium that can drive traffic to your website for only $25 per year (per town-category).

Sign up now for the Hyper-link option.