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 Kids Club at Hi. I'm Rachel. Welcome to my Fall 2004 issue of the Shorebreeze Kids Club Newsletter. Visit here to find out about fun places to go and things to do at the Jersey Shore! I would also love to hear from you.

I like to discover things about animals and sea creatures. The Jersey Shore has so many places you can discover nature - in and beside the water and on land, too. If you like nature and the beach and want to learn, you can read about my jersey shore discoveries and some fun facts about crabs, turtles, starfish, clams and fish at the shore.

If you have something to share about things you like at the Jersey shore, send your e-mail to me at, and I'll try to put something about it in the next Kids Club issue!

Enjoying Nature at the Jersey Shore :
Camping and Hiking Anytime of Year (except winter, of course)

Besides enjoying the beach at the Jersey Shore and the many creatures you can discover at the beach (one of my favorite pastimes is searching the waters edge for ocean-life), there are other wonderful ways of enjoying nature at the Jersey Shore. One of them is camping or hiking. Rachel at Birch Grove Park

There are so many campsites (Atlantic County campsites & Cape May County Campsites ), state parks and nature preserves found in the southern New Jersey shore area. Like the beach, these locations can be explored and enjoyed throughout the late summer and fall as well as most other times of the year. Recently, my dad and I went camping at Birch Grove Park. We had so much fun – just he and I, the stars, and the great outdoors.

One of my highlights of our camping trip was the campfire. There is nothing quite like food like hot campfire at Birch Grove Parkdogs cooked on a roaring flame. I thought Stewart’s had the best hot dogs until I tasted one of these. And of course, we had to top off the evening with some smores! YUMMMMMM!!!!!

Of course for our “big camping trip” my dad had to go out and buy a “big” tent that could hold lots of people. It was very roomy and gave us plenty of space for all the extra stuff I packed. If only I could keep the birds from “pooping” on it, it would be perfect.

During the night in the tent my dad taught me to play poker. It was just he and I, a deck of cards and the poker chips (oh yes, and lots of snacks). Okay, so I didn’t win the 15 hands we played, but at least I learned how to play poker and had fun. It was definitely nice “quality time” with dad.

I must warn you, however, you cannot be afraid of bugs if you do decide to go camping. There are hundreds of them everywhere you turn. Mostly daddy long-legs. They are not really scary though, so once you get used to them it is not a big deal. I did miss my younger sister and brothers but I think they would have been really scared by the spiders and other bugs so it was probably good they weren’t with us.

In the morning we had scrambled eggs and fried salami. Boy was that delicious. We also got to do some nature walks and finally found some frogs. It wasn’t until they moved that we spotted them because they blended so well with the mud that you could not see them. They stay very still and pounce when they see prey.

So, just because it is not beach weather is no reason why you can’t come down to the Jersey Shore and enjoy some of the other wonderful things this area has to offer. In September there are a number of fall festivals and nature related activities.

I hope to see you at one of them and please remember to e-mail me and send me photos.


Pictures submitted by Jersey Shore Kids:
Summer Scenes

Jersey Shore Kid's Art #1 Jersey Shore Kid's Atr #2

Rachel, Age 10, Margate, NJ Rebecca, Age 7, Wayne, PA

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