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 Kids Club at Hi. I'm Rachel. Welcome to my June 15, 2004 issue of the Shorebreeze Kids Club Newsletter. Visit here to find out about fun places to go and things to do at the Jersey Shore! I would also love to hear from you.

I like to discover things about animals and sea creatures. The Jersey Shore has so many places you can discover nature - in and beside the water and on land, too. If you like nature and the beach and want to learn, you can read about my shore discoveries and some fun facts about crabs, turtles, starfish, clams and fish at the shore.

If you have something to share about things you like at the Jersey shore, send your e-mail to me at, and I'll try to put something about it in the next Kids Club issue!

Fun Facts About Shore Animals:
Diamondback Terrapins

Did you ever see these or similar signs along the causeway into your favaorite shore community?

Turtle Crossing Sign in Margate, NJ Another Turtle Crossing Sign in Margate, NJ

The reason you see these signs is because Diamondback Terrapins live in the salt marshes near the bays along the coast. The female terrapins cross the roads when they’re nesting. They come out of the water and cross the roads to get to a soft, sandy location where they lay their eggs. The time you'll see them the most is in May, June and July - just when the roads along the causeway get busy.

The Diamondback Terrapins are endangered. Long ago people would kill them for their shells, or for soup! That almost brought them to extinction. Now we have wildlife preserves all over the world for terrapins. Many turtles get hit by cars each year. That is why you see the signs - so hopefully drivers will slow down and keep an eye out for the turtles on the road!

Some people get out of their cars to help the mommy terrapins. This can be very dangerous, so never do this without an adult there to be sure the coast is clear! And remember, if you move a terrapin across the road, be sure to see which way its going first, then pick it up and move it in that direction to the safety of the other side. ALWAYS BE CAREFUL OF CARS! Although we all want to help a turtle to live, we need to first be mindful of our own safety.

Terrapin Image

Photo obtained from the University of Delaware Graduate College of Marine Studies.

Did You Know:

Female terrapins are larger than male terrapins. Females reproduce when the are between 8 and 13 years old. After 60 -120 days the inch long hatchlings emerge from the nest and go towards the moon light which is over the ocean.

It is illegal to take a terrapin out of the water so please don't try to make these cute turtles a household pet.

If you see a female terrapin nesting stay away because you could scare it. They are very timid.

City lights may confuse the hatchlings to go to the city instead of the ocean. As you can imagine, this would be a big problem for these baby turtles if they go the wrong way.

What You Can Do:

Make sure however you are in the car with is dirving slowly and carefully to avoid hitting crossing terrapins especially in June and July. If you are in a town where female terrapins lay their eggs turn off your outside house lights during the egg hatching seasons.

You can be a terrapin hero and ADOPT A TERRAPIN. Contact Christina Wallers, Research Assistant at the Wetlands Institute, her phone is (609) 368-1211.

Here are some great links to learn more information on Diamondback Terrapins!

Pictures submitted by Jersey Shore Kids:
Summer Scenes

Jersey Shore Kid's Art #1 Jersey Shore Kid's Atr #2

Rachel, Age 10, Margate, NJ

Rebecca, Age 7, Wayne, PA

Places to Learn More about Nature, The Environment, or "Cool" Summer Classes:
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