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Last updated August 1, 2001.

Hi. I'm Rachel, and I'm proud to introduce you to our Kids Club. Over the summer, visit here to find out about fun places to go and things to do at the Jersey Shore. I'll be visiting miniature golf courses, arcades, the Cape May County Zoo, local parks, and other places. I'll tell you about my favorites, and what I like about them. I like to discover things about animals and sea creatures, so if you like to learn, you can read about my discoveries and fun facts about crabs, turtles, and fish at the shore. Check out the picture at the bottom of the page - see what cool sea creatures I found recently!

I want to make the Kids Club really great. My daddy is helping me, since I'm seven and just learning to write. If you have something to share about things you like at the shore, send your e-mail to , and I'll see if he will let me put it in the Kids Club!

Come to the Cape May County Zoo

What can kids do at the shore in the fall? The zoo is open! We love the Cape May County Zoo because its full of animals that kids love to see, like giraffes, turtles and flamingos. The zoo is actually open all winter, and there are houses where birds, reptiles and other animals live where they can't get cold. The reptile house is new, because the old one burned down a few winters ago when lots of the lizards, snakes and frog lost their lives. Lots of kids donated their piggy banks to help build the new reptile house!

The zoo is on Route 9 in Cape May Court House. Its in the woods, which makes if feel like home for the animals. The best parking lot is the first one you see after you come in the main entrance, on the left. Its close to the zoo gate, the food area and the playground.

One of my favorite animals is the giraffe. the Cape May Zoo has many, including a baby that's so cute! Here is a picture of two giraffes eating lunch.

Giraffes are beautiful and fun to watch. See them for yourself! The zoo has picnic areas and a playground with lots of things to do. There is a place to eat, and the food is really good. I got a lunch in a bucket with pictures of animals on it that I could keep.

Your family will be pleased that it does not cost anything to enter the zoo! However, they will be happy if you gave them a small donation when you enter the park.

If you visit the zoo, please e-mail me at and tell me about your favorite animal. If you send me a picture, I will put you in the kids club!

Fun Facts About Shore Animals

When fall comes, shore animals do not go back home like our families do. They stay around all year! When the people stop coming down, lots of shore creatures spend more time out on the beach. Here is a picture of a crab I found on Sunray Beach. This is a nature preserve and the day we went, it was supposed to be a beach cleanup day. However, we got there late and no one was there! So my daddy and I walked up and down the beach and looked for sea creatures. I found this crab that my daddy said was a Blue Crab. I said no kidding daddy, it is a crab and it is blue. My daddy said that people eat blue crabs and he chased it down the beach. I told him to leave it alone!

Now that fall is here and I'm not going to the shore as much, I'll be doing my Kids Club every month. Come back on November 15th for my next Kids Club, when I talk about what kids can do to protect our beaches!


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