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Last updated August 1, 2001.

Hi. I'm Rachel, and I'm proud to introduce you to our Kids Club. Over the summer, visit here to find out about fun places to go and things to do at the Jersey Shore. I'll be visiting miniature golf courses, arcades, the Cape May County Zoo, local parks, and other places. I'll tell you about my favorites, and what I like about them. I like to discover things about animals and sea creatures, so if you like to learn, you can read about my discoveries and fun facts about crabs, turtles, and fish at the shore. Check out the picture at the bottom of the page - see what cool sea creatures I found recently!

I want to make the Kids Club really great. My daddy is helping me, since I'm seven and just learning to write. If you have something to share about things you like at the shore, send your e-mail to , and I'll see if he will let me put it in the Kids Club!

Selling Lemonade at the Shore

Its a really hot morning, and you're riding your bicycle at the shore. Just when you really need it, up ahead is a lemonade stand! Sitting in the shade is a girl with a yellow hat. Its me! I'm selling lemonade. I'd like to tell you about what I learned from selling lemonade this summer at the shore.

First, I learned that you need a lemonade stand. So I asked my daddy to make me one. He said he would only do it if I gave him free lemonade. I said sure. We built one out of cardboard last summer, but it fell apart because the air was too damp. So this year my daddy built one from plastic pipes. We put a plastic grass skirt around the bottom,a yellow cloth cover over the top and decorations and signs all around. Here I am in my new lemonade stand!

We put our stand on the sidewalk near where no cars could park. Next, we needed to make lemonade, the best we could make. We bought a mix at the ACME, and mixed it up with water and ice. Then we put it in a clean container. Then we took our plastic cups, a trash bag, sponge, and some money for change, and we were ready.

We needed to figure out how much it would cost. I thought 25 cents a cup would be good. Then I asked my sister to help. Here's where you have to be careful. It always seems that whenever I have someone help me, they always want to drink all of the lemonade up. I always ask my helpers to not keep asking for lemonade. It doesn't matter with my sister, she will ask and ask until she gets her way.

All we needed now was a customer. First I stood there and lots of people went by but nobody stopped. Then my daddy said, "Try to get people to stop, by asking them to buy a cup". I yelled out, "Lemonade, 25 cents a cup, best lemonade in Sea Isle City!" But my daddy said that we couldn't be sure of this, so I instead yelled, "best lemonade on 66th street." All of a sudden, someone asked for a cup of lemonade! I said "sure". I gave them a cup, and they paid me 25 cents and then some extra money because it was so good. I said "thank you, come back soon".

I learned several things about selling lemonade. The first thing is, don't be shy. Second, when someone says they can't buy now but will be back later, I should learn not to say "yeah, RIGHT", too loudly. Lastly, don't promise your daddy that he can drink all the lemonade he wants without paying, even if he built your stand!

I like my lemonade stand. If you are in Sea Isle City and riding down Pleasure Avenue, be sure and stop by!

Fun Facts About Shore Animals
Laughing Gulls

When I come to the shore, I see lots of sea gulls. I just learned that they are not really sea gulls. They are laughing gulls. The noise they make sounds like a laugh which is probably how they got their name. We found out that laughing gulls live all along the coast from Maine to Florida. I see them at the shore eating small crabs and they take clams and drop them from high up to break the shells. They also eat french fries and potato chips but you should not feed them because they need to find food for themselves. My daddy looked for information with me on the Internet and we found three sites with lots of pictures and even the sound of laughing gulls. Click here for a web site about laughing gulls.

Come back in two weeks for my next Kids Club!


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