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June 27, 2001.

Hi. I'm Rachel, and I'm proud to introduce you to our Kids Club. Over the summer, visit here to find out about fun places to go and things to do at the Jersey Shore. I'll be visiting miniature golf courses, arcades, the Cape May County Zoo, local parks, and other places. I'll tell you about my favorites, and what I like about them. I like to discover things about animals and sea creatures, so if you like to learn, you can read about my discoveries and fun facts about crabs, turtles, and fish at the shore. Check out the picture at the bottom of the page - see what cool sea creatures I found recently!

I want to make the Kids Club really great. My daddy is helping me, since I'm seven and just learning to write. If you have something to share about things you like at the shore, send your e-mail to , and I'll see if he will let me put it in the Kids Club!

Rachel's Picks

When my family comes to the shore, I love to eat at restaurants. My favorite place for breakfast is Uncle Bill's Pancake House in Strathmere. The people are all really nice, and the food is great! We stopped in there in June and I had regular pancakes. My daddy ate eggs and corned beef hash and he liked it too. He said it's better than what my mommy makes for breakfast, but I'm not supposed to tell. I want to go back, but it gets really busy in the summer, so maybe we'll have to wait until the fall. Here is a picture of me at the table!

Fun Facts About Shore Animals

Did you know that there are starfish at the beach? I found one on the rock jetty a few weeks ago in Sea Isle City. I would love to keep the starfish, but I always handle them very gently put them back where I find them so that they can live a long life. Starfish have a whole lot of tiny legs that help them stick to rocks. I heard that they grow a new arm if one is lost. One I found last year had a tiny arm and four bigger ones! Does anyone know what the orange spot is on the top of the starfish? I'm not sure. When I learn more, I'll let you know.



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